How Secure Is Your Wireless Network?

ZOMG! Lock up your daughters and lock down your Wi-Fis because The Sydney Morning Herald is driving around town checking your password protection. Of the 382 networks they detected, apparently 2.6 per cent were unsecured.

They also chatted with Mark Gregory, an RMIT security expert, who reckons it's more likely that 20-30 per cent of wireless home networks are unsecured. Given the amount of people I know who still use their router's default password — or haven't even set one — that number might be somewhat believable.

It's a timely stat, though: A US man was convicted for 18 years last week, after using a neighbour's Wi-Fi to frame them for child porn and sexual harassment in bizarre revenge campaign. Closer to home, that's why you have Queensland police warning homes and businesses of unsecured Wi-Fi. [SMH]

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