How Did A Stun Gun Get Onto A JetBlue Flight?

You would think that with a responsible organisation like the TSA running airport security that nothing that shouldn't get on a plane would be on a plane. HAHA. Yeah right. Those ass-grabbers just let a stun gun on a plane.

The stun gun was discovered in the seat pocket on a JetBlue flight from Boston to New Jersey after it had already landed. The crew was cleaning the plane when someone noticed something tucked into the back of the seat. No one knows who it belongs to, how it evaded TSA security and why it was still on the plane after it landed. Port Authority authorities say there's no indication that the weapon was ever fired and has placed the investigation into the hands of the TSA and FBI.

So how did a stun gun get onto the aeroplane? I think the answer is obvious, it's the sucktitude of the TSA. This sort of thing happens to them! Remember, the TSA once let a real flipping gun board a plane. They search kids after the fact. Put stolen iPads down their pants. After how many more incidents of ineptitude do we stop giving the TSA a pass? [AP, Image Credit: Fox News]

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