Hacker Stole Photos Of Naked Girls, Posted Them To Their Facebook

Joseph Bernard Campbell, a 24-year-old prick, managed to break into the email accounts of 19 different girls and steal nude pictures of them. He would then post the nude pics as the girls' Facebook profile picture for everyone to see.

He took advantage of the girls, whom he knew from high school, through a phishing scheme. Campbell would send them fake "greeting cards" that required the girls to punch in their password to access them. Unfortunately, there wasn't any greeting cards for the girls. Instead, they unknowingly gave up their passwords to Campbell. From there, Campbell would scour their emails for nude pictures and in a total arsehole move, post the nude pics to their Facebook accounts. It's twisted, vindictive and sick.

Campbell, 24, has pleaded guilty to federal charges of cyberstalking and unauthorised access to a computer and faces a maximum of five years in jail and a $US250,000 fine. [Tamba Bay Online]


    Can't believe girls these days would leave naked pictures of themselves in their emails!

    Isn't there a porn website which allegedly 'hacks social media sites and posts up nude pictures of girls' for their own commercial benefit?

    I don't know what's more disturbing. The fact that some asshole would do this, or that there is actually such a high hit-rate for girls that have nude picture of themselves in their inbox?

      I dont see a problem with either

      Yeah, must be so many girls with nude pics.
      You just know 90% of them have done it, it's just whether it's in the email or not.

      That phishing scam's also such a nooby thing to fall for x)
      People need to know to not put a password in unreliable places...

    That is pretty messed up both ways, he probably did it to point out that they were being naughty. Still, jack move, he deserves what he gets!

    wow casey seems really piss at guys of late

    Agreed, the guy is a total jerk - but I can only echo the comments above me of shock that so many girls would have naked photos of themselves available in their email.

    The scarier part is too, is that the article seems to suggest that these 19 girls were fellow students ff Campbell's from high school. That seems to suggest that there is a VERY high rate of girls who do this.

    Having said that though, the girls aren't in the least at fault (they're clearly supposed to be private, kept in a password secured account), and have been hard done by. No one deserves that.

    It's a sad state of the world these days.



        I giggled like a naked school girl…

      mhm +1
      pics or gtfo.

    The thing is that everyone is saying he is an arsehole etc... but who many of you would be laughing if he did this to his ex girlfriends?

    I am not sticking up for him in anyway, what he did was wrong but how many times have we heard someone doing this to their ex?

      Bah with a face like that I doubt he's had any girlfriends.

    Gotta say - anyone who leaves nude pics of themselves lying around is asking for trouble.

    Doesn't excuse the guy for being a prick, but seriously....who are these people?

      Why would anyone WANT to have their nude pictures at all in a first place? No matter if those pictures are in e-mail or in safe...

        I'd love to have some of my fiancee's pics. She says they're reserved for when we marry.


      Did it work?

        You just fell for my gizmodo email hack - I now have access to your naked pics.. eeeeww... hack fail....

    THIS IS WHY YOU DO NOT HAVE NUDE PICTURES OF YOURSELF PEOPLE! They can and will get out. That's what they're for for looking at, otherwise just use your memory/imagination!

    My hero.

    well, you've got to have a hobby I suppose.

    What a prick. Leaving pictures in your private email is not the same as leaving them laying around.

    It's a dick thing to do, but it's pretty funny aha. You have to be pretty stupid to open a 'greeting card' that requires you to punch in your password...

    Makes you wonder though, how prolific it is for people to have nude shots of themselves these days. What the hell is going on with kids today?

    Lol good on him!

    hes hot like rlly rlly hot and fit

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