Google Maps Terrorises Woman By Designating Her House A State Park

Some people are averse to Google Maps because of privacy. Usually, those fears are a little overblown. But New Jersey resident Laurie Gneiding has reason to fret - Google Maps sent hordes of outdoor enthusiasts to her door.

Gneiding lives right on the border of Round Valley State Park, which contains Round Valley Reservoir in the middle. But her home is, contrary to what Google will tell you if you look for directions to the Round Valley Reservoir, not the entrance to Round Valley Reservoir. She's had to put up a sign shouting "NOT Park Entrance... Private Driveway... Google Maps is wrong!," reports But in the summer, everyone wants a dip in the lake, so the visitors keep coming and coming. That's a drag! Gneiding reported the problem to Google, which says it's working on it. I'm sure Laurie won't mind waiting. []

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