Google Is Going To Kill The Blogger And Picasa Brand

Google's Google+ initiative has brought us a lot already. Turns out, there's more coming. Mashable is reporting that Google will retire the Blogger and Picasa brands and flip them into something like Google Blogs and Google Photos. Laaaaaaame.

It's supposed to be for some sort of brand unification that'll happen over the next month with the end goal being an even broader and far reaching Google+. Or something like Google+ being the only basket for Google's eggs.

I can go along with changing Picasa to Google Photos, it's an OK, undisgusting move. But swapping Blogger for Google Blogs? WHY?! That's unnecessarily generic. Evilly plain. Disgusting vanilla. Blogger is one of the tent poles of the Internet! You're not allowed to mess with those. I like + a little less now. [Mashable]

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