GIF Shop For iPhone: Create GIFs With Your Phone

When Apple pimps the iPhone as this magical tool, my cynical self can't help but laugh. Not anymore. You can make GIFs with an iPhone app. You can make GIFs with an iPhone app. You can make GIFS with an iPhone app. Whoa.

(That's like a GIF with words right there)

What's it do?

It's a camera app that stitches together pictures to create the GIFs that populate the internet. You know GIFs! At Giz we call GIFs the internet's greatest treasure. Personally, I think it's the only form of online communication that can truly translate emotion (albeit bite-sized) over the internet. Basically, you're animating and highlighting real life in a more colourful way.

Why do we like it?

What's not to like, really? Have you no soul? You don't appreciate the nostalgia of '90s internet technology? To be honest though, the real reason I love GIF Shop for iPhone is that I have no idea how to make GIFs on my computer. Like I don't know where to even start. On the iPhone though? Lord, it's easy. The app gives you an overlay of the previous picture you took so you can try to keep the GIF as consistent as possible. And after taking your series of shots, the app handles all the stitching legwork and you can share it to all your social networks immediately. It's like taking multiple pictures of the same thing but not having to delete them.

GIF Shop

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