George Clooney Is Using Satellite Imagery To Prove Genocide

George Clooney Is Using Satellite Imagery To Prove Genocide

George Clooney, forever bachelor, former Batman, graceful ager and Darfur activist, started Satellite Sentinel Project last year to analyse satellite imagery for evidence of mass graves and body bags. The organisation just found some.

Even though South Sudan becoming an independent country was a huge victory for the Sudanese, it doesn’t mean the Darfur conflict is over. Far from it, the Satellite Sentinel Project is presenting satellite pictures as evidence of recent mass graves in South Kordofan’s capital, Kadugli.


The photos the Satellite Sentinel Project found show three excavated areas for mass graves and hundreds of body bags. According to the Atlantic Wire, the organisation concludes that the Sudanese military “have apparently engaged in a campaign of systematic mass killing of civilians in Kadugli”.

The satellite photos are meant to act as a warning system for signs of renewed civil war between the Sudanese. analysing these photos are especially helpful because in certain parts of Sudan, neither the UN or journalists are allowed in. Hopefully with technology like this, we can see the truth of what’s really going on there. [Satellite Sentinel Project via The Atlantic Wire]