Gaddafi Planning To Blow Up Tripoli If He Loses Libyan Revolution?

Life imitates art - or at least, life imitates really bad super villain movies. Russia's special envoy to Africa tells the UK Telegraph that Libyan head of state/accomplished lunatic plans to "cover [Tripoli]with missiles and blow it up". Plan B!

The suicidal doomsday scenario can't be confirmed beyond what Gaddafi claimed to the Russian diplomat, Mikhail Margelov, but isn't beyond the pale given Muammar's history. The fellow has shown some signs of instability! And stuffing your country's capital with ordnance and blowing it to hell out of revolutionary sour grapes sounds like a pretty instable course of action. Let's hope we'll be able to file this one under "things dictators drew on the back of a cocktail napkin while crankily sitting in their bunker." [Telegraph via Mother Jones]

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