First Full Tintin Trailer: Maybe This Motion Capture Thing Is OK After All

When the teaser trailer for Steven Spielberg's Tintin trailer came out, I had reservations. The post, the styling, the action, they all looked terrific. But why couldn't we see anyone talking? As the new full-length trailer mercifully reveals, turns out they had nothing to hide.

As you can see above, Tintin and company - unlike so many of their motion capture movie mates before them—may not be lost in the uncanny valley after all. We don't see much talking, and much of what we do see is obscured by facial hair. But the chunks of dialogue we do get doesn't seem like a jarring Hall of Presidents dead-eyed display. It's actually, well, watchable.

Maybe it's because the source material is cartoonish. Maybe it's because they've cherrypicked the most humanoid ten seconds from a two hour film. But either way, I've got hopes. Hopes that not only has Tintin escaped the uncanny valley, but all of his successors as well. [BleedingCool via TDW]

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