Facebook For Every Phone Lets Dumbphones Check Facebook

Facebook just unveiled their Facebook for Every Phone app which will put a serviceable Facebook experience on even the crappiest of phones. I'm not kidding, Facebook for Every Phone will work on over 2500 different devices.

Basically, if you have a Java-enabled phone, you can get a Facebook app now (...and my iPad can't?). It might be dumbed down a little but you can still easily keep track of your News Feed, Inbox, Photos, Wall and more by just downloading the app from m.facebook.com. Facebook has even partnered up with some carriers around the world to give people free use for 90 days.

It's pretty smart to get people addicted to Facebook before they even get a smartphone. It means they'll be addicted to Facebook before anything else on the web. Like a little gateway drug but for more Facebook. Your move, Google+. [Facebook]



    ... is it more functional than the m.facebook.com website? 'cos I still use that more than the Facebook application as it's still a faster and richer experience.

    Will check this out, hoping for the best!

    I used to use m.facebook.com, now I use touch.facebook.com - before, both those sites showed different entries from the newsfeed on the desktop facebook site, but now they pretty much the same which is how it should have been years ago.

    I've just bookmarked the


    link and that loads up the desktop site on my phone. It's a bit fidgety, but better than touch and m (or the android app)

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