Exetel Boss Explains How NBN Providers Will Operate

Exetel Boss Explains How NBN Providers Will Operate

When I covered Exetel and Internode’s NBN pricing last week, I mentioned that the ACCC has warned advertised NBN speeds must be what the customer actually gets. But Internode’s higher prices had some wondering if its network will be stronger somehow. Exetel CEO, John Linton, rejects that notion outright, blogging that “every end user customer connected to the NBN Co network will have the identical experience.”

“NO ISP can influence, in any way at all, the ‘performance’ of an NBN Co service from the customer’s home location to the hand off point between the NBN Co network and the ISP network in, currenty, a capital city data centre…

All an ISP can do to negatively or positively affect the performance of an NBNCo service is to under provision the CVC (the cross connect between NBNCo and the ISP) or the IP bandwidth made available to the NBNCo services which only the truly paranoid would consider possible. Why paranoid? Because it would be so obvious that it is being done that no-one would use such an ISP’s service.

That’s what Exetel claims, anyway. I’ll be watching to see if things pan out that way. Meanwhile, NBN Co switches on its NBN trial in Kiama this Friday. Lifehacker is heading down to test it out, and Giz will let you know how it goes. [John Linton via Delimiter]

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