Everyone Will Know You Own A Bang & Olufsen With The BeoSound 5 Encore Strapped To Your Wall

B&O's products have such an air of wealth to them, I'm surprised more owners aren't killed each year. Their latest home-music system comes in at $US3350, and streams music from PCs, network servers, hard drives, other wireless devices and from over 13,000 internet radio stations.

As the BeoSound Encore set-up is modular, you can add as many Encores to a server as possible (well, there's a limit of eight, and I'd love to meet someone who actually tests that limit), so music can be streamed all around your pad with the additional speakers needed.

The actual system has a 10.4-inch display with scroll wheel, and is on sale in August for $US3350. [B&O via Engadget]

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