EB Games Trading Smartphones For Store Credit

Exclusive: Gizmodo can confirm that at least some EB Games locations will now let you trade in your smartphone for cash or store credit. For instance, the 32GB iPhone 4 will net you $267 to spend in store, or 20 per cent less if you want the cash.

An EB Games employee told us that the smartphone trade-ins "started last Friday, and there's a brochure in store." A second employee with access to an updated "trade-in list" said the retailer isn't re-selling used phones to customers, and that they're most likely being offloaded in bulk.

There's no mention of phones on EB Games' trade-in site, suggesting the program may be in limited trials -- possibly only in Queensland and Western Australia.

Giz was also informed that the 16GB iPhone 4 trades-in at $262 -- just $5 behind the 32GB model. Score! Well, if you've got a 16GB, that is. A range of other smartphones, including BlackBerry handsets and Android phones are also being accepted. The HTC Desire fetches a price of $120.

Meanwhile, Gizmodo also received a screenshot of what appears to be the EB Games inventory system. It clearly shows a range of iPhone models, new and old, though no prices are listed. The anonymous employee who sent us the shot says it looks "similar to just before we started trading iPods and iPads."

From the confirmations we received in our call-arounds today, that appears to be the case. But those prices. Woah. EB usually low-balls a bit on game trade-ins, and it looks like that's continuing here.



    16GB iPhone 4 = $350 cash from muzumo sounds better to me

    Soon they'll be offering a fiver with a bonus stick of gum for your first-born.

    Why are they buying phones?

    I sold mine iPhone 4 16GB for $400

      I don't know, but I'm sold. It's a good outlet for those phones that have the water damage indicator on, but still work perfectly well, to get the most money.

    Or you could sell it on ebay for $600. Morons...

      That takes longer

    EB seems to be becoming the new cash converters.

    I wonder if they'll take an old VCR and some simpsons VHS recordings for a Mass Effect 3 preorder...

    Maybe do a pay day loan with my copy of Karaoke Revolution as security?

    iPhones are not Smartphones.



      Thank you!

    I wonder if they're checking with the police to see if these are stolen or not?

    I doubt it. Seems like a good way to fence goods.

      Unless youre also in the fake ID business its a bit hard. You need photo ID to trade. Needs to be government issue too. Licence/18+/passport etc

    You can get $600-700 on eBay for an iPhone 4 32GB. I know EB need to make money off the deal, but damn.

    ^ Trentposts are not Smartposts

      your opinion is wrong

    is this like everywhere in aus?

    um guys are you all missing the point or perhaps EB failed to label it properly for you

    $267 for a 'stolen' iphone

    lol, if I "stole" and iphone, I'd still sell it on ebay for $600 rather than to EB for nearly nothing.

    What and eBay you get $500 plus in cash... Gezz this is a joke really.

    I think you're ALL missing the point here.

    As an employee, I KNOW EB are just currently experimenting with Apple products as trade-ins and also sales. I wouldn't expect any of you to wander into my store and trade your iPhone to me for the prices offered, I personally feel kinda embarrassed offering them myself. It's the company's way of treading the waters to see if people would be interested in selling their old smartphone and if it would be worth trying to resell them.

    IMO, I hate dealing with Apple and the fact that my retailer that's supposed to specialise in games is currently flaunting iPod's as a 'gaming platform' just pisses me off and smartphones just throws fuel on the fire. I'm there to sell games to customers, not to work behind a god damn Genius bar.

      A real EB employee would not defend EB.

        I don't see what your problem is... iPhones/iPod Touchs/etc (the mobile market in general) as a gaming platform has grown at a tremendous rate. Your personal bias aside, if you knew anything about the games industry, you would understand why EB is trying to sell a platform with a larger user base than the Nintendo DS...

    "32GB iPhone 4 will net you $267 to spend in store, or 20 per cent less if you want the cash."

    Wow. At least offer something a bit more plausible to see if people are open to the idea. I've traded in iPods in the past when the trade-in prices were reasonable.

    EB Games - RIP OFF

    Just confirming this is only being trailed in WA and QLD.

    We will trade ANY phone which has a working colour screen and a charger for a minimum of $5. The more popular/recent phones (iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia's, etc) are given a premium trade value.

      Will EB games give me cash for my 16 gb iPhone 4?? If so how much?

    i don't know how eb are still alive.. then again if they happen to sell 2 games they could pay their staff for a week at their prices... why can't they at least attempt to be competitive?!

      Were not competitive, yet were still alive. Obviously were doing something right. ;-)

    Those trade in are PATHETIC! I have sold a 16gb iPhone 3G on Ebay and got $400 just 2 weeks ago, some of them even get up to $450!!

    Iphone 4 can easily fetch $600

    These trade-in offers, similar to the trade-ins on games, is just ludicrously insulting.

    I've got a iPhone 3GS 32gbs in working condition and with a cable. How much can I get it for (in money), I asked cash converters, they will only give me $50 fir it!!! That's a rip off!!!

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