Do You Use A Personal Phone Or Tablet For Work Email?

Do You Use A Personal Phone Or Tablet For Work Email?

Heathens! Nah, I definitely do — but apparently we’re one big walking talking security breach waiting to happen. I hadn’t really thought about it until now, but if you lost your iPhone with saved Exchange emails, that’s more of a security concern than that locked-down BlackBerry from the IT department.

I’ve worked at places with company-supplied phones, and they still let me use my iPhone. What about you? I’ve also got a couple of friends in sales and their IT department won’t let them use anything but a BlackBerry on the road.

Surely we have some the IT department gurus here on Giz. What rules does your office have?

What got me thinking about all this was a press release that security firm AVG spammed out to journos today:

One of the major factors in [security risks posed by ‘Bringing Your Own Device’]is the meteoric rise in popularity of the tablet PC. The use of iPads, Blackberry Playbooks and all manner of Android-powered mobile devices is catching the comparatively slower moving business IT world off guard.

Of course, AVG was also trying to pitch some new business-centric service to plug the hole. But it’s the way our personal gadgets are changing the workplace that piqued my interest.