DIY Electric Chair Death Trap Lands Sad Idiot In Jail

DIY Electric Chair Death Trap Lands Sad Idiot In Jail

Andrew Castle’s wife wanted to get a divorce. He didn’t. So he decided to rig up a crude electric chair in his garage, and asked her to sit in it. Warning: everything you’re about to read is terrible.

When Castle found out about his wife’s intentions to leave him, he invited her for a “chat” in their garage. Which should have been a warning sign for any couple with a perfectly good living room to chat in. Also a potential warning sign: the two lengths of electric cable running from an outlet to a metal chair. When Castle flipped the switch, his wife would be met with a lethal 240 volts.

Except she didn’t sit down. Or rather, she did but got up before Castle could flip the switch. And what was to be a horrible DIY execution became your average street scuffle, from which both parties suffered minor injuries, and after which Castle tried to take his own life.

So, pretty terrible! The good news is, everyone made it out in one (fragile) piece, and Andrew Castle’s going to spend the next 10 years in jail. But remind me never to delve into the dark side of DIY ever again. [Mirror]

Image: Shutterstock/Phase4Photography