Yep, Diet Soft Drink Is Just As Bad For You

Oh noes, a study presented at the American Diabetes Conference suggests diet soft drink is as bad for you as the regular stuff. It can make you fat and put you at risk for diabetes, stroke and heart disease. Flipping fantastic.

The statistics from these studies are depressing. One study looked at 474 diet drinkers and found that their belt size expanded 70 per cent more than those whose avoided diet alternatives. Even drinking two cans of soft drink a day can cause your waistline to grow five times more than non-drinkers in the study.

Why do you get so fat when the drinks are calorie free? Sharon Fowler of the UT Health Science centre at San Diego says it may involve artificial sweeteners and how they trigger your appetite. Drinking a diet soft drink could make you hungry, but without sugar, you don't get any satisfaction from the drink. Artificial sweeteners could also interact with your brain cells and prevent you from feeling full. Alone or combined, these effects could cause you to eat more than your should.

The only solution is to drink water. Ice cold water. [Health Freedom Alliance]

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