Dell's 10-inch Sperm Tablet Will Run Windows 7

Images of Dell's new tablet, code-named "Peju", leaked this weekend. The 10-incher will run Windows 7 - why is anyone's guess - on top of a Core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM, up to 128GB SSD, front- and rear-facing cameras and 3G/4G.

The slate will apparently be upgradeable to Windows 8 when it's released, which is a good thing. But today I learned "Peju" means sperm in Indonesian. Umm... thankfully it's only the codename. [DVICE]


    With those specs surely it'd be cheaper to buy a lappy?

    Hell, 'sperm' is near on the greatest name for a tablet i have seen. I'm sold!

    I actually need something like this for work..
    windows OS for software compatibilities, 3g access and tablet input.

    anyone have a better option?

    Panasonic Toughbook about $3000
    this less probably!

    That actually looks pretty sweet. First windows 7 tablet to pull out decent specs!

    Reminds me of Mitsubishi's Pajero...someone really should have checked that it means wanker in spanish

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