Cut The Rope Is A Comic Now

Cut The Rope Is A Comic Now

Om Nom has gone Hollywood, folks. The lovable main character in Zepto Lab’s critically-acclaimed and oft-downloaded Cut the Rope iOS game is making the jump to comics. Maybe now he can get that candy all by his damn self.

Ape Entertainment is set to take on publishing duties for the comic, which was revealed at this week’s Comic-Con convention.

The game had a comic-y art style already, and while some moan and groan about an iOS developer selling out with merch and the like (ahem, Angry Birds, ahem), I understand people need to make and a living and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with trying to get paid.

Looking to get your hands on the comic? Wait a little while longer and keep an eye on the App Store, where Zepto and Ape Entertainment will publish it as a stand-alone app next month. Further trivia: Ape Entertainment was behind the 150,000-issue-selling Pocket God comic. That’s digital issues, mind you. The print edition only sold about 1,000. [CNET]

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