Culturemodo: Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks Saga Now A Play

Culturemodo: Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks Saga Now A Play

Yes, really. Stainless Steel Rat follows a determined film director’s struggle to bring Assange’s story to the big screen. A fictional film within a play, if you will. So does it rate? And how deep does the script dive into the WikiLeaks story?

Australian media and politics site, Crikey, feels the play is uneven:

A thrilling and visceral ride, with some very, very good writing, but it ducks and weaves to the point where one wonders what’s really been achieved or elucidated, if anything. Just like WikiLeaks itself really.

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The Daily Telegraph had praise despite saying it felt rushed and a little long (over 2.5 hours):

By and large the film scenes do an excellent job of attempting to get to the root of Assange’s motive and make for compelling and hilarious theatre. Valerie Bader’s send-up of Julia Gillard is by far the highlight; her imitation of the PM’s nasal drawl had the audience in hysterics.

And the Guardian has this:

Part of the appeal of the play is that it is about real people – “theatre of the moment” as Harrison calls it. It means the comedy (and there are plenty of laugh-out-loud moments) is fresh and appealing.

Written by Ron Elisha, directed by Wayne Harrison, and staring Darren Weller as Assange–Stainless Steel Rat is now playing at Sydney’s Seymour Centre until July 17.

Sound like your cup of tea?