Congressman Claims One-Fifth Of The US Navy's Ships Are Junk

It looks like dissolving ships aren't the only thing the Navy's only anxiety - even the proven stuff is starting to fall apart, Danger Room reports. According to a congressional report, over a fifth of the country's fleet fails inspections.

The findings, dispatched by Republican representative Randy Forbes, Chair of the House Armed Services Readiness Subcommittee, is potentially frightening. After all, one fifth is a large fraction, and the ships tasked with defending the country are something you want on the seaworthy side. But keep in mind that the Navy is still largely inflated by Cold War-era spending - ships built to face a foe that hasn't existed for decades. The fact that we're burning through lots and lots of money to develop tactically dubious things like deck lasers in the midst of this fleet rotting ought to raise another eyebrow. [Danger Room]

Photo: Mr Green/Shutterstock

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