Chrome Grabs 20% Global Share, 28% If You’re a Giz Reader

According to the number crunchers over at StatCounter, Firefox and IE still lead the way globally (with 44- and 28 per cent share, respectively)—though Chrome has come a long way since June 2009 when it struggled to reach 3 per cent. Meanwhile, 19 per cent of Giz readers are still using IE. WTF? visitor browser share for June 2011

Don’t worry, I get that many of you are forced to use it at work. For visits to, 55 per cent of Internet Explorer traffic is from IE8, and 25 per cent is from IE9. Overall, Firefox (30 per cent) edges out Chrome (28 per cent).

Back to the StatCounter global numbers:

Chrome also performed particularly well in South America where it overtook Firefox in April to become the number two browser. In June it reached 29.7%, ahead of Firefox's 24.6% and behind IE at 44.1%.

StatCounter says its global stats are are based on aggregate data from a sample exceeding 15 billion page views a month (4 billion from the US); using a network of more than three million sites. [StatCounter via The Next Web]

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