CBS Faked Boston's 4th Of July Fireworks Show

Apparently giant rainbow explosions all across the sky weren't entertaining for CBS producers, who digitally superimposed Boston landmarks across the screen in a strange, disingenuous attempt to augment the show. Why's that OK? Because it's entertainment, not news! How patriotic.

CBS has admitted to and defended its firework forgery, The Boston Globe reports, despite the fact that the virtual vistas were obviously physically impossible. But that didn't stop them from slapping Fenway Park, Boston Market, and the Old North Church across the screen. Which actually ended up blocking the fireworks. So, really, pretty idiotic, ethical issues aside. People tune in on the 4th to watch things exploding gorgeously, not stock footage of Boston landmarks. One dismayed Bostonian puts it perfectly; "I'm shocked they changed stuff on TV, because they didn't need to. The fireworks don't need dressing up. They're fireworks.'' Indeed. [Boston Globe]

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