Can You Believe All This Food Is Actually Jelly?

Can You Believe All This Food Is Actually Jelly?

I really wish that this was my breakfast today. Sure, you may think it looks ordinary – eggs, pancakes, doughnuts, coffee – but it’s actually made entirely from jelly. Unbelievable, right?

These realistic Jell-O creations are part of the third annual Jell-O Mould Competition held recently in Brooklyn, New York, and it’s drop-dead amazing what some of these gelatin artists have been able to shape. Chickens! Coffee! Coffee mugs! Even bullets – and they all taste like jelly. The whole gallery is impressively creative and includes even crazier things like dentures, Barack Obama and a can o’ shrimp.

It’s decided. I think jelly art is my new favourite art because you get to eat it afterwards. [Fine Dining Lovers via Geekosystem]

Image: Francesca Signori

This won a Special Jury’s Bad-Ass Award. I can see why.