Breakfast Wrap: Best of the Weekend

NBN Prices: Why Is Everyone Already Freaking Out? So late last week Internode previewed its possible NBN prices. But Internode is just one medium-sized, premium ISP, and cries of “NBN fail!” from Turnbull and some quarters of the media are far too premature. Here's why.

Watch This Sesame Street Beasty Boys Mashup Start your Monday with a smile :)

How To Fix Facebook’s New Broken Chat System (YES!) Drag this bookmarklet and drop it on your browser bookmark bar.

Let’s Settle This Once And For All: What Exactly Is Sexting? Some say a sext is just a naked pic. Some say it’s flirty. Some say it’s sexually suggestive or sexually themed. Nobody seems to agree – and that’s a problem.

Idiots Pay $US7500 For The World’s Most Exclusive Email Address If this isn't fake, then I just lost a little respect for humanity.

Leaked? iPhone 5 ‘Assistant’ Is Enhanced Voice Control Based On Siri Latest rumours add to the belief the iPhone 5 will convert speech to text.

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