Best Videos Of The Week

Maybe you were flat out at work all week, instead of watching random videos on Gizmodo. We've got you covered. Here are some of the most popular, informative, and amusing videos we watched during the week that was.

Putting a Ton of Glowsticks in Blenders Looks Just as Awesome as It Sounds

Crushing glowsticks for their oozy neon contents and spraying it all over the place in a room filled with paint and loud music sounds like a wonderful way to conclude a drug bender. It's also a super yogurt commercial! View »

The Most Amazing But Least Effective Way to Pickpocket Somebody Is to Use Chopsticks

How good are you with chopsticks? Probably good enough to pick up sushi but probably not even close to Miyagi-ing a fly, right? Well check this out, this guy managed to pickpocket a phone with chopsticks. View »

Time Lapse Video Catches a Man Walking Very, Very Slowly

A YouTube user set up a time-lapse video in downtown Los Angeles in hopes of capturing something cool. Instead, he found this guy who weirdly walks at a snail's pace. The video is actually five minutes of real time. Slow rollin'. View »

A Look at the Most Insane Restaurant in the World

El Bulli: Cooking in Progress is a documentary about the most insane — and one of the most influential — restaurants in the world, El Bulli, which is closing this month. View »

R18+ And Games: Watch Gizmodo on 7 Sunrise

At the start of last week, the Oslo tragedy reignited debate about recent R18+ game classification announcements. All because the psychopathic killer’s rambling manifesto mentioned Call of Duty. But there seems to be a stronger link with religious fundamentalism than games. Gizmodo’s own Seamus Byrne was on Sunrise to debate Jim Wallace from Australia’s Christian Lobby. View »

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