Behold, The 71-Year-Old Human Gas Guzzler

You're not supposed to drink gasoline. It's that toxic liquid gold we use to run our cars and machines, not a beverage option. You just don't drink it. Period. That is, unless you're this hardcore Chinese dude.

Chen Dejun, 71-year-old stonecutter and bamboo weaver, has been guzzling the stuff for half his life to quell his chest pains. But he hasn't died.

Can we just break that down for a second? Dejun says he drinks about 3 to 3.5 litres of kerosene and/or gasoline a month. Over 42 years, that means he's sucked down around 1.5 tons of fuel in his lifetime. That's about 2027 litres, enough to fill up a Corvette almost 30 times, according to calculations by Jalopnik's editor Ray Wert.

But, you know, the guy's not dead yet. In fact, a local doctor has proclaimed him to be in good health, despite his emphysema. Real doctors at a Shapingba district hospital are guessing that he must have developed some sort of immunity to gasoline. Moral of the story? Whatever doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger. Oh, and wirey, old village stonecutters are invincible. [China Daily via Oddity Central via Geekosystem]

Photo: CFP



    He'd be like homer at the fuel pump one ep "one for you, one for me,one for you, two for me" lol

      Hahaha, I don't remember the context, but I do remember laughing hysterically.


    Presumably, he doesn't smoke.

    How do you make a 71 year old petrol drinking stone cutter bark? light him a cigarette... WOOF!

      Nice one.

    Good health, besides the emphysema...


    Gasoline isn't what it used to be.

    It's probably biodegradable ethonol. Soft.

    O-kaaay... so, he started drinking this stuff to quell his chest pains, yes?

    What on earth made him think that would be a good idea in the first place?

    "He-e-e-y, that's a bit of a nasty chest pain I've developed! Think I'll just have me a pint of super..."

    Horatio, the guy who drinks petrol just died in an explosion while drinking the top blend of premium.
    Looks like. His eyes. Lit up.


    so does that mean he's carrying a flamethrower whenever he needs to go wee wee?

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