Australian App Store Prices Now Match The US! (Mostly)

Is this the end to the global iTunes rip-off where Aussie users fork out up to 30 per cent more for apps, and 69 per cent more for songs? Yes, and no. $1.19 apps are now 99c, $2.49 becomes $1.99, $3.99 becomes $2.99, and the snozberries taste like snozberries. But there are some catches.

Those being: Apps between $4.49 and $9.99 are priced 50c higher than the US; $9.99 to $19.99 apps are $1 more, and $20+ apps are priced $2 higher than the States. Unfortunately, there's no movement on movie or music pricing, likely due to local licensing/distribution deals.

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Here's a table breaking down the updates, courtesy of Lifehacker:

Technically, the Australian dollar is still higher than the US, but reality is that Apple has to allow for fluctuation. And credit where credit is due: Cupertino has also gotten better with their hardware pricing in Australia. For instance, the entry level iMac is $US1199, or $A1399. Not much difference when you factor in the 10 per cent GST.

Too bad if you live in UK, Mexico and Norway, though. Prices just went up.




    Did'nt see this happenning ever, but I like it!

    Be nice for their hardware come down to match. Or their Music.

    Beatles Box Set (today) US$149 : AU$259 - outrageous!

    Obviously other issues than exchange rates to consider, like GST and local taxes etc, but that can't explain that difference.

    Apple has to allow for fluctuation

    Has to, of course. Couldn't risk customers getting a good deal occasionally. How else could Apple keep its bank balance above the $50B mark? But at least it's an improvement.

    A shame that the music industry isn't even that 'generous'. A 20% premium for apps is a lot easier to swallow than the 70% Because-We-Can-Tax for songs. The phrases "perceived value imbalance" and "rampant piracy" spring to mind.


    I would say that music, movies & other content in iTunes won't shift anytime soon, because those are the prices that the studios/labels agreed to when they signed their iTunes deal. Apple can't change those prices on a whim like with the iOS & Mac App Stores.

    I won't say that it's completely out of their hands (they are the architect of the pricing structures in iTunes, after all), but those content prices are borne out of agreements with tons of stakeholders. Changing them it would be far more complex than the things they can directly control.

      Speculation, (good speculation) but speculation non-the-less.

      We have no idea what agreement Apple has with its music providers...

    Mmmm let me know what it catches up to the Android market that uses real-time pricing.

    Wonder when MS and WP7 will get same pricing? I haven't checked if they are already, but I'm assuming not?

    Sweet! Just checked the App Store. That is pretty cool, but they should matching the US price for all apps, not just the ones below $4.

    Why not just sell everything in USD and then everyone can pay the same? Fluctuations take care of themselves!

      Its an option but it has drawbacks too, namely as soon as a consumer sees a US price they then have to get a calculator out to work out how much will or wont be removed from their account when the transaction is made. Maybe not an issue so much for 99c apps but its a problem for the ones that are $100+.

      It also means iTunes cards can no longer be bought to purchase an item exactly from a store. By the time you get home with the $50 recharge you may not actually be able to buy what you had wanted due to dollar fluctuations.

      Actually the fact they sell itunes cards locally is probbaly a big factor iin it...much easier for consumers if they are shielded from conversions.

      Just like Android does....

    Well now i am getting a little pissed off with FCPX bought it at an inflated price for Australian currency and now they drop the price while still not updating the software.

    I'm very happy to see Apple drop the prices on apps for us in Australia.

    Android never needed adjusting.

    Just saying.

      This is a topic about the apple store. Nothing to do with Android I'm afraid.

      Sorry, I just get frustrated at the whole Apple/Android thing. I wish both apple and android users can stop comparing themselves to eachother.

      The whole 'My Dad is better than your dad' argument got tired in the 5th grade.

      *sad frustrated sigh*

    About damn time!

    I'd rather wait a month and buy a discounted CD from JB Hi Fi than pay the awful iTunes prices and not even own anything tangible.

    Unfortunately this makes the Windows Phone marketplace poorer in prices by comparison (premium rates their vs other marketplaces).

    Aside from that - Giz can you please spend a few extra minutes and include some app of the day WP7 offers. Use this site to chek price drops etc for deals:

    Sheeds (THE Aussie WP7 site).

    Good to hear as it needs to be fairer for Australians given our currency. Shame it wasn't before all the July 4 app sales though ;-)

    I think you are seeing the trees and not the wood. Check the price of Logic Studio Upgrade from Logic Express - AU $499 US - $299 - that doesn't seem to equate to GST.

    It's good to see apple making some progress on there pricing structure!

    I think the key is that the entry level price has been lowered. The more expensive apps are normally used by professionals who make an income from there purchase.

    So it does seem fair for these to go up (percentage wise) to subsidise the cheaper ones (games/fun apps/useful utils) That most of us all use!

    I can't see this as a step backwords at all!

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