Aussie Men Like iPhones And Aliens, But Won't Face-Punch The Boss

Man facts! Thanks to, we now know that 58% of Aussie men believe that aliens exist, 65% prefer to get news online, and 84% would be offended if their special lady friend faked an orgasm. Though 33% use an iPhone versus 17% with an Android device, a surprising 39% of blokes say they don't even own a smartphone!

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Around 70,000 men around the world responded, and 3,000 of those were Australian. And in most cases, the Australian stats are broken down next to the UK, US and Canada.

Asked "If you could get away with it, would you punch your boss in the face?" — only 27% of Aussies said yes, compared to 41% of Brits. Aussie guys were also least likely to break up over the phone, with just 10% saying they would, compared to 16% of Americans. But don't pat yourself on the back just yet, we did lead all countries in our willingness to breakup over Facebook or via a status change.

Globally, 68% of AskMen readers said the device that they could least live without is their computer. Trailing behind was their smartphone (18%), TV (12%) and tablet/iPad (2%).

What about you? What device could you not live without? [AskMen]

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