Apple's Finally All Out Of Love For Samsung Processors

After months of suing each other into the ground, the Apple vs Samsung nerd fight has finally come to a head. Reuters is reporting that Taiwanese company TSMC is beginning its trial run of the next generation of Apple processors.

Samsung had been the sole provider for the A5 chip that powers the iPad 2, and Reuters rightly suggests that it would be unlikely that Apple would use a new manufacturer to churn out the same chip. That means that a move away from Samsung would probably also mean a complete redesign of the A6 - if it's still even called that. But with the way the two companies have been bludgeoning each other, it wouldn't be completely surprising.

Of course, it won't be a complete divorce; Apple needs flash memory like a baby needs milk, and Samsung's the world's largest supplier. So don't think of it as a break-up, so much as just needing some time apart. [Reuters]

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