#AntiSec Hackers Spill Rebekah Brooks’ Email Login

#AntiSec Hackers Spill Rebekah Brooks’ Email Login

The fruits of today’s The Sun hack are starting to dangle down: LulzSec (out of retirement?) and Anon are tweeting logins of some serious British media brass. Foremost? Rebekah Brooks, the epicentre of England’s voicemail hacking scandal. Update: phone numbers!

The tweet divulged the email and password info for one Rebekah Wade – Brooks’ maiden name – along with many others from Murdoch’s tabloid upper crust:

Harvey Shaw—Publishing Operations Team Manager, News International—Phone number

Pete Picton—Sun Online Editor—Phone number

Lee Wells—Editorial Support Manager at News International—Email and Password

Bill Akass—Managing Editor, News of the World—Email and password

Chris Hampartsoumian—Former Online Editor at timeonline.co.uk—Phone number

Danny Rogers—Sun Online Editorial Manager—Email and password

This trickle is probably only the start. LulzSec appears to be hard at work squeezing more logins out of The Sun‘s servers:

We are battling with The Sun admins right now – I think they are losing. The boat has landed… >:]

In other words, expect more – though the only login fish bigger than Brooks would be Murdoch’s.

Update: AntiSec operators have tweeted phone numbers for The Sun‘s online editor, Pete Picton, along with two other (lesser) Sun editorial figures.