Anonymous Plans AnonPlus: A Facebook For Hackers, Non-Hackers Alike

Rather than rest on their keyboards after being kicked off Google+, the hacking group known as Anonymous has created a holding page for AnonPlus, a "new social network where there is no fear...of censorship...of blackout...nor of holding back."

Unlaunched the social networking site may be, Anonymous does promise that everyone will be able to create a profile on the account—hacker or not. Another string to add to our social networking bow? It looks like it. Anonymous writes that "we will not be stopped by those looking to troll or those willing to stop the spreading of the truth."

As well as deleting their Google+ profile on counts of violating their community standards, it looks as though Google is taking a hard stance on hacking and has also revoked access to their Gmail account.

Starting a social networking site from the ground up will take time; something Anonymous says will not happen "overnight." Until then, I guess we can start the rumormill churning as to what "features" their site will offer—maybe a poke function that takes down random governments? [AnonPlus via Wired UK]



    Wait, what? 4chan is already a social network predating facebook and google... so if it doesn't have profiles its not a social site now?

    I have never joined Myspace or Facebook and the way it looks, I am not going to join Google+.

    I would have no problem whatsoever joining a site with my real name, IF WE HAD FREEDOM OF SPEACH AND TRUTH AND JUSTICE IN OUR JUSTICE SYSTEM. But we don't. If you say something the governments don't like, many governments have laws in place to jail you, put you in a mental institution etc. That is happening all over Western countries too. We need to protect ourselves from our fascist governments.

    So therefore it is vitally important to stay anonymous. Unless you say "YES MASTER!" to everything the government/media tells you...

      Freedom for all peaches.

    If you are stupid enough to trust these people with your information, then you deserve to get hacked. Whatever you do, don't be an idiot. View the website through a proxy, and sign up with a fake email address and a password different to the email account's. Otherwise they could easily store your password in plain text (and if you are as stupid as 70% of the population, you use the same password for everything).

    what the point of an anon social network. Everyones anon so how would you tell who is who

    Oh no, a company is defending its best interests by not letting a bunch of ignorant first world malcontents clog their service with their stupidity and childishness.

    Anonymous is pathetic. End of story.

    Whilst I'm all for Freedom of speech and most of the other things that "Anonymous" stands for, I can't help the feeling that by it's very nature, it will attract the kind of people that I definitely would never want to be in close proximity too! Not to mention the risk of being persecuted for being associated with them if/when they get thrown in jail!....}]

      "EckyThump", i'd like to say that you will not be jailed or prosecuted/persecuted for associating with Anonymous. There are different groups that work in synchronization with Anonymous, (i.e. LulzSec & AntiSec) but the Anonymous community as a whole is not all made up of hackers and trolls, but these are only the one you here about via mainstream media. is a peaceful, legal, anti-hacker website, that promotes legal ways to change the system. So please, do not judge people only by what you have heard from mainstream media when you have no experience with any of them.

      Good day.

    really wish these guys would do something useful.. Like hack the Australian Christian Lobby and show us all their dirty little secrets (and which politicians they own - and why).

    They won't have names, everyone gets numbers.
    That said, I call dibbs on being Agent 87.

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