Anonymous Agent Threatens Mayor Of Orlando

The hacker vendetta against the City of Orlando took a strange twist into the real world yesterday, WESH reports, as a Twitter account claiming affiliation with the group posted a photo outside Mayor Buddy Dyer's house. Creepy? Definitely.

The pic, showing a trademark Anonymous mask hanging from a street sign outside the mayor's residence, sends a pretty unequivocal message: We know where you live. The photo follows an earlier tweet saying "Hey smiling Buddy Dyer someone in #OpOrlando has a message for you sir: Pew Pew Pew." Again, somewhat ominous (albiet pretty sophomoric). Although there's no way to definitively verify that the @OpOrlando2011 account is officially tied to Anonymous - in the sense that nothing is official when it comes to Anonymous - the rest of the tweets seem consistent with a role in the collective.

The same handle also sent out "Some nice OpOrlando police artwork," depicting cops with erased heads and a red bloodstain. This might sound more menacing, but looks like something ripped from a mediocre DeviantArt profile.

Either way, IRL threats will probably up the likelihood of an IRL response from IRL police. [WESH News]

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