Americans Set New World Record For Hugest Burger In America

Juicy's LLC set the record for most ginormous burger ever made on Saturday at the Alameda County Fair in California. Weighing in at 352kg, it whooped Canada's former record of 268kg. Please. This is America. We invented obesity.

Juicy's Outlaw Burger - an outlaw because it broke zoning laws for awesome - was 272kg, or a small cow's weight, of beef, 14kg of lettuce, 9kg of onions, and 5kg of pickles, all wrapped like a happy hulking family inside a 110-pound bun. If you're doing the maths, you'll also note that that probably means about five pounds of condiments. Think about that for a second. Right? Delicious. Fair-goers even got to partake of this masterpiece for 99 US cents a serving. Happy Independence Month. [Consumerist, Today]

Image Credit: Doug Duran/AP

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