Aldi Recalls Virus-Infected External Hard Disk

Oops. Those who picked up Aldi's $99 Fission 4-in-1 hard drive/DVD drive/card reader combo may have got more than they bargained for. Apparently a small number were sold with malware yesterday, and though free AV software (or a clean format) will nix the issue, Aldi will give a full refund if you return it to the store of purchase.


    free refund?

    I remember, i bought a pack of 10 floppy discs from dick smith, many years ago.

    they all had the "stoned emperor monkey II" virus...

    which, reminds of VET, what ever happened to VET antivirus? it was the bomb!

      IIRC VET got brought out/absorbed into CA. They were still selling VET for a while, but then they got rid of it.

    One of the reasons i will never shop at ALDI, they're cheap for a reason.

    Why would you buy one from Aldi anyway, all there electronic gear is crap.

      Aldi are the biggest PC retailer in Europe (or at least they were a few years back when I lived and worked there). They were known for being cheap but decent quality machines.

      Gullshit I have never had any problems with their great gear.

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