A Supercollar For Super Strong Pups

Such a dilemma. You have a dog that loves to walk, but he's so powerful that a standard leash and collar won't work. Relax, don't worry. Just grab a supercollar.

The $US40 supercollar has a three foot retractable leash made of wound steel. The steel cable attaches to the collar in two places for added strength. It supposedly can withstand "100s of pounds of tugging pressure."

One supercollar for one super dog means you can finally enjoy a tugfest, oops I mean a walk, with your wonderful canine friend. Of course, you could ditch the idea of a supercollar and spend that money on obedience classes. The first thing he will learn is heel. [Supercollar via 7Gadget and Oh Gizmo!]

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    Given that a standard cheapo nylon collar/lead for our miniature schnauser can support my weight (200+ lbs) when used as an impromptu swing (don't ask, I was bored) this looks like a triumph of marketing over common sense.

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