A Stormtrooper Is Walking Across Australia For Charity

Jacob French has just started walking across Australia -- from Perth to Sydney (4100km) -- in a Stormtrooper outfit to raise money for the Starlight Foundation.

As many of you know, the Starlight Foundation helps the lives on seriously ill children. Jacob hopes to raise money by averaging about 40km a day for five days a week (which means he'll probably get to Sydney around half a year from now).

Starting in July 2011 I aim to walk from Perth (Western Australia) to Sydney (New South Wales). Over the course of the trek I will cross 4 states and cover approximately 5000km's in modified stormtrooper armour. The plan for now is to push a lightweight buggy with needed supplies an average distance of 35-40km's for 5 days a week until the trek is complete.

I am a member of the worldwide "501st Legion", a volunteer organisation that wears quality star wars outfits for Star Wars related events and as a means to contribute to their local communities through charity work.

Jacob said he chose the Stormtrooper costume as it's definitely an attention grabber - looks like it might chafe, though. What a legend. [Telegraph UK and WA Today] Image: Paul Kane/Getty Images

Donations to Jacob and the Starlight Foundation can be made at everydayhero.com.au/troopertrek

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    I heard him interviewed on local radio in Perth (where he started) and he said he isn't quite gtting the mileage in populated areas as he gets stopped so often by people wanting to chat or take photos (which he doesn't mind btw).

    Here's a link to his website for donations and updates.

    Good form. The Starlight Foundation sent me on a Trip of a Lifetime to America when I was younger.
    Combining a bit of Nerdism and charity and this guy will certainly get noticed.
    You should ahve a direct link to the charity organisation up on here.

    - Danlo

    Just saw this Stormtrooper in Lake Clifton at 5:00pm as we were driving home from Dwellingup. Was walking alongside of the road in great action. No sign of his trailer though. I think what he is doing for the Starlight Foundation is fantastic. Well done Paul French! :)

    Saw photos of him walking through West Perth on Tuesday. :) Good to hear it's for a nice cause.

    The starlight foundation are amazing. This bloke is a true hero.

    I'm sure those are regulation shoes, but I'm sure we can keep that to our selves ;)

    Thats awesome...

    just needs

    Besides making a donation, I've spread the word and have added this link (and his donation link) to my twitter, facebook and g+ feeds.

    Hopefully it drives more donations towards his bit for the Starlight foundation.

      speaking of spreading the word....

      @Danny - any chances of giz adding a link to allow sharing your articles on personal blogs like wordpress?

        Hi CraftyNinja,
        If you're a Wordpress user (looks like you are) just use your own "Press This" Button.

        If you want to share Giz articles, you can either cut and paste the URL so you can write your own summary and link back to us -- OR click on the share link. Then hit more. Like 100 different options to share it to Tumblr, TypePad, Digg, Reddit, etc, etc.

    Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?

    I hope he's going to change to Sandtrooper armour when he gets further out of town.

    Awesome work, good him. but curiously, how is it that this guy has time to take half a year off work and walk across the country???

    Just as long as he dosen't stop at every bin at the side of the road and say "These arent the droids we're looking for...."

    we seen the storm tropper just out of walpole western australia yesterday the 6th august we had no idea he was out there doing that. he deffinetly caught our eye we all had a great laugh, we thought some space ship had dropped him of in the middle of no were. so on the way back from our destination we looked out for him and we pulled over and questiond him such a good man. we gave him 20buck asked a few questions had a photo and let him keep walkn. hes doing such a great thing. but i carnt help feel sorry for him out there all alone. all the best tropper.

    I saw this Stormtrooper on Southcoast Highway between Denmark and Albany around lunchtime, then later in the afternoon in Albany. Man, he walks quickly for a guy in a plastic suit on a warm day! :) Got a photo of him, put it on my Facebook page with a link to this page so my friends can donate. What a guy! God bless you mate! :D

    I have known Jake since he was 4 years old. He has always put others first. He is currently staying with me for a few days to relax and recuperate. He has worked hard to save money for this trip but it takes strangers to offer a helping hand along the way. if you can offer a meal, bed for the night, and a hot shower he would be most thankful...he will leave here Monday morning and it will take him 3 weeks to get to Esperance next. as well as donating money to the starlight foundation i have also given extra to help him as well. i wish there were more young people out there lik hime. Keep trooping Jake..

    Hey Jacob I was traveling to Ravensthorpe today after a long shift at work, about 35km east I saw this strange shape ahead on the road . As I got closer I couldn't believe what I was seeing thought I was hallucinating . I had to phone my wife and tell her, I could hear in her voice her concern about my mental well being . It was made worse when I stopped at the Ravensthorpe BP garage and I asked the chap that pulled in behind me , did you see the the Storm Trooper on the road ? He looked at me strangle and said no! At this stage I was unsure of my well being. Luckily the lady in the BP told me of your story . Well done mate just wish I had stopped and given you a donation , all the best for your walk mate .

    Hey Guys,

    The first time I heard about Jacob was two days ago when my sister's boyfriend Scott ran into him on his similar journey. Scott is solo cycling from Perth to Grafton to Sydney (3 months) dressed as Superman to raise money for Heart Kids Australia. Dubbed Heroes For Hearts. He met Jacob and they had a chat and took some pics together. Scott couldn't talk highly enough of him saying how mature he is for a 20 year old ( can you believe it!). So inspirational the both of them. If anyone wants to follow Scott's journey too just visit www.heroesforhearts.com :)

    Just passed Jacob near Yalata - it's hot -called and said hello - he's a hero!

    GO BABY GO....You can do this as the force is with you

    good on ya Jacob, we saw you in busselton today!!

    We were travelling just west of Ceduna S.A. on 18th November this year and saw Jacob French on a stinking hot day and stopped and gave him a cold drink and chatted with him for awhile. Can you fill us in on how he is fairing as he told us he might not make it to Sydney untill february.
    Just want to wish him all the best and let him know he is thought of. God bless you, Jacob.

    Awesome! Love this!

    Your determination and dedication will only strengthen the Empire.

    -btw good on ya

    Just saw him in Adelaide

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