A Small Miniaturized Child Being Attacked By A Rhinovirus?

The poor little sap. He got miniaturized and the first thing he went and did with his new ability was interact with a deadly virus. Wait, what? This is just ADA and it's an interactive charcoal drawing art piece? Hrm.

Not quite as exciting as finding out the miniaturization scene from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory actually happened in real life, but this is still a close second.

ADA, as it's called, is a clear helium-filled ball that's been trapped in a room. The surface is covered with charcoal writing utensils that mark up the walls in all directions, depending on how the person trapped in there with it decides to act.

I seem to remember doing this all on my own without the aid of some massive helium balloon when I was a kid, but what do I know. I'm certainly no artist. [Karina Smigla-Bobinski via MAKE]

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