A House That's Made To Skate In

Skaters are programmed to want to skate everywhere. For them. it's as natural as wanting ice cream on a summer day. So imagine living in a house where everything (even the kitchen sink!) is skateable. Heaven in a home.

So instead of having corners in a room, the house is going to be built in a way where the floor, wall and ceiling will form one continuous surface - sort of like an elongated and stretched out inside of a tube. But that's not all! The furniture and appliances are even going to be made for skating: couches, kitchen, sofa bed, etc all have surfaces that can be used.

The 204sqm house will be built for Etnies founder and skateboarder (duh) Pierre Andre Senizergues in Malibu. The prototype tube showcased in the video was displayed in Paris at La Gaite Lyrique to show off its potential. [Etnies via Curbed LA]

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