8 Lame Arizona Police Emails Leaked By Anonymous

Over in the States, Anonymous hit the Arizona police force hard tonight, releasing scathingly unprofessional email banter between cops. We're sure these emails aren't the worst, but you'll get an idea of the tone.

Some that the US Giz saw were way too NSFW, so you will have to find those on your own in the leaked files. Ping us below if you find anything juicy. Have fun! [Anonymous]

The Police scramble to respond to the leaks

Mr Musgrave likes to buy guns

So this is what they do at those fancy police dinners

Oh, someone is being difficult

No Immigrants Allowed!

Obama is the Devil

Obama is the Devil, again

Tough crap...shoot 'em. Trigger-happy?


    Why would anyone think these emails were worth leaking? Honestly...

    That's it?

    This is the hard hitting evidence of Police corruption?


    wtf is so bad about these emails?

    Fuck me.. they've unearthed..... humans! This is what "real" hackers do? Pfft.. get real or fuck off.

    Get me in on the weapon thing, too, though. I'm not a cop, but I'd like to have more guns for funsies!

    And yeah, just shoot 'em. It's proven and also standard procedure that an assailant can cover ground very quickly before an officer can react. 10 metres (30 or so feet) and you fire if they refuse to stop. Otherwise, they can make that distance in 2 seconds, around the average reaction time.

    Nothing here surprises me. Can't blame Obama for taking the American flag off the plane, either. Otherwise, a yank might shoot him down before a terrorist can identify him. Sarcasm, yes, but look at the big picture.

    Does anyone else out there want to get judged by their personal e-mail? The only thing that protects you from prosecution from nutters is privacy, because someone is ALWAYS going to get PC on you for "in jokes" that cater to you, your friends and your family.

    At this point in time, freedom of speech is the most dangerous commodity. Why? The more you say, the more at risk you are.

    Huh? Is that it? All this hoopla about a few emails that complain about illegal immigrants and Obama? Welcome to 70% of the population. I'm liking the great state of AZ more every day.

    These are the worst?!?! I thought we were exposing massive corruption and prejudice here?? The police who have had their details leaked may literally have their lives in danger. Is that justified by the above? Are any of those emails so bad they deserve anything they get? I have been all for these hacks and leaks but I expected to see something shocking. I seriously doubt the 'cause' if this is the worst. I’ll be honest, I hate the police – they’ve never done anything for me when I’ve been a victim, and they’ve accused me when I’m innocent, and harassed me unfairly and basically only ever caused me trouble, but at the end of the day they are humans with lives and families too. I’d love to see seriously corrupt officers (which I’m sure exist aplenty) brought down publicly just as much as the next man but there is NOTHING in those emails to justify this crusade. Right now Anonymous look like George W when no WMDs were found.

    So does gizmodo agree with the release o this info?

    I hope you do!! Expose racism, corruption and most of all- viva #antisec

    These are the worst?

    A cop is inquiring about a discount for a rifle part? Oh noes.

    Seriously, I was expecting something nefarious. This is just lame.

    That's it? That's the best they could find in all those emails?

    These messages seem like standard chauvinist fare. Do people honestly expect more refined correspondence between a bunch of cops?

    Perhaps I've just missed the point. Kelly, are you using sarcasm to highlight the underwhelming nature of this leak?

    That immigrants e-mail- That's been going around for YEARS. The first time I saw it myself was early last year when some meathead racist Aussie miner who I'd done some graphic design for sent it to me. In that case it was all framed up to be about Australia, but it was still the same e-mail.

    If this is the worst stuff to come out of this policeforce, I can't imagine they're too much different to police anywhere- except Queenslanders. Those guys still seem pretty corrupt.

    Really? this is news worthy in Australia? Seriously?
    You are joking right? You are aware that Arizona is the most gun friendly state in the USA? You are aware that Citizens, Law Enforcement, and members of the Armed Forces own personal firearms? I cannot believe Gizmodo would waste any bandwidth on these emails.

    That's it? Looks like anonymous wasted their time on this one.

    To anyone complaining about are these news worthy, this is what this media source has chosen out of thousands of emails and documents in the release.

    If you think Anonymous wasted their time with this overall release, I would ask have you analysed the whole release ? if so then why don't you do better yourself ? or is it all too simple to sit back and do nothing.

    Bill Jones: They did it for the lulz. Not for your sake. And they succeeded.

    OH well atleast we know the police in Arizona aren't that bad.. Well by email conversations at least.

    Somehow I get the feeling that a lot of these commenters might have some connections to the FOP, themselves.

    For a further look at some of the leaked emails, check this: http://news.infoshop.org/article.php?story=20110702062117273

      Yeah absolutely. Despite not knowing what the FOP is I'm totally working for them.

    "We’re sure these emails aren’t the worst, but you’ll get an idea of the tone. "

    These guys are cops..
    It's fucking backward hick thinking.

    The last four probably deserve a 'Billy-Bob, my office for a minute?" from their superiors.

    Other than that... God, lulzsec/anonymous, are you guys gonna do ANYTHING useful?

    Lol, fail by anon.
    Only bad one in that lot is the last one. "If you've got a knife, then you should die...period."
    like WTF?! Don't bother just aiming to wound or anything, aim for my fucking brains/heart. Forget that my legs are big targets too, hey who cares about that, just go point blank for the chest! yay cops

    It's not so much a matter of what was leaked, but the fact that it was leaked. It's laughing at the security or the lack thereof, hence the "lulz". I'm sure the fellas in Anon can do much better, hell they've been shutting down government and corporation websites for hours at a time and I'm sure something similar could happen here if these Arizonians continue their wrongdoings. The point is, don't get in the way of the rights of the people. A perfect example was the HUGE 390k+ document leak that wikileaks put out. Probably 90% of them didn't matter much, but it's the 10% that did plus the shear fact that they were able to leak that many documents that the world governments were trying so hard to cover up. So Lulz to Anonymous and AntiSec.

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