630 Coffee Stirrers And 1260 Toothpicks Make Me Feel Woefully Inadequate

Nick Sayers is a geometric artist who uses everyday objects to create unusual models. His latest creation is the Hyperbolic Coffee Cactus, a sculpture whose design is both awe-inspiring and humbling.

The Coffee Cactus uses 630 coffee stirrers with four equally spaced holes hand-drilled by Sayers. These coffee sticks are bent gently to form the 3D frame of this model. They are held together by 1260 cocktail sticks which keep the joints intact. It looks like a cactus or even a wreath, but it's so much more than that.

Sayers' latest creation is inspired by a dodecahedron with 12 geometric projections. Each projection is half an icosidodecahedron which has several small triangles surrounded by three larger pentagons. It's a complex creation that must have taken days to conceptualise and weeks to actually build. [Flickr via Make]

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