6 Tools To Help Assemble A Modern First Aid KIt

6 Tools To Help Assemble A Modern First Aid KIt

Accidents happen. Disasters strike. Emergencies confront us. You don’t know when these things could happen, so you should be prepared. And in addition to the normal supply of bandages, antiseptics and painkillers, we rounded up six tech-minded first aid solutions.


Every car first aid kit should have a Lifehammer. Should you end up at the scene of an accident involving trapped passengers, the lifehammer will bust windows and cut seatbealts to help free those in danger. $US15.

CPR Flashlight

You maybe CPR certified, but when the time comes, will you be able to recall every technique under pressure? If not, there’s the CPR torch, which, in addition to making things less dark, has a speaker which will recite pre-recorded instructions for various CPR skills. $US20.

Pain-Free Medical Tape

Just because you may have to bandage and tape someone up in a pinch doesn’t mean you can’t take the well being of their skin into consideration. 3M’s silicone medical tape somehow manages to keep itself in place without ripping out body hairs and irritating skin when removed. $US6.

Iodine Water Purifying Tablets

If you’re in a pinch and need a last-ditch solution for drinking water, carry some iodine tablets with you. 30 minutes after dropping these things into water will provide you with hydration that’s mostly germ and bacteria-free. $US7.

Pocket First Aid and CPR App

A First Aid Kit need not be limited to a single bag or pouch full of tools. Your smartphone can be a valuable asset as well. Case in point: the Pocket First Aid and CPR app for the iPhone provides information and instructions on how to save someone’s life, plus it will store your own medical information should something happen to you. $4.49

Emergency Whistle

If no one is around to assist you in a time of emergency, or if someone nearby can’t find you, a whistle can help. The Storm whistle claims to be the loudest personal whistle available (94 decibels!) and has an audible range of up to 15m. Plus, it can even work when you’re in water. $US6.