473 Words On Google's Banned List

Google's What Do You Love site is a cute little way to both show off their web-scouring muscles and dazzle you with delicious info — about things you love! But what if you love semen, fannyflaps or dildos? Tough shoot.

Jamie Wilkinson (co-creator of the internet treasure house Know Your Meme) extracted WDYL's master list of forbidden words through its source code. And the results are pretty massive! Hundreds of banned terms, spanning anal to wanker, comprise a database of censored naughtiness. Try entering shitdick — I dare you. Instead of a compendium of shitdick results (which would be great to visualise!), you get "kittens" instead, and a nice rainbow. Sort of the categorical opposite of shitdick, I'd say. Which is funny! But, like, what if I really do love shitdick, and hate kittens? What happened to DON'T BE EVIL? You can see what other fun nouns and verbs are redirected to rainbow land below:

"4r5e":1, "5h1t":1, "5hit":1, a55:1, anal:1, anus:1, ar5e:1, arrse:1, arse:1, ass:1, "ass-fucker":1, asses:1, assfucker:1, assfukka:1, asshole:1, assholes:1, asswhole:1, a_s_s:1, "b!tch":1, b00bs:1, b17ch:1, b1tch:1, ballbag:1, balls:1, ballsack:1, bastard:1, beastial:1, beastiality:1, bellend:1, bestial:1, bestiality:1, "bi+ch":1, biatch:1, bitch:1, bitcher:1, bitchers:1, bitches:1, bitchin:1, bitching:1, bloody:1, "blow job":1, blowjob:1, blowjobs:1, boiolas:1, bollock:1, bollok:1, boner:1, boob:1, boobs:1, booobs:1, boooobs:1, booooobs:1, booooooobs:1, breasts:1, buceta:1, bugger:1, bum:1, "bunny fucker":1, butt:1, butthole:1, buttmuch:1, buttplug:1, c0ck:1, c0cksucker:1, "carpet muncher":1, cawk:1, chink:1, cipa:1, cl1t:1, clit:1, clitoris:1, clits:1, cnut:1, cock:1, "cock-sucker":1, cockface:1, cockhead:1, cockmunch:1, cockmuncher:1, cocks:1, "cocksuck ":1, "cocksucked ":1, cocksucker:1, cocksucking:1, "cocksucks ":1, cocksuka:1, cocksukka:1, cok:1, cokmuncher:1, coksucka:1, coon:1, cox:1, crap:1, cum:1, cummer:1, cumming:1, cums:1, cumshot:1, cunilingus:1, cunillingus:1, cunnilingus:1, cunt:1, "cuntlick ":1, "cuntlicker ":1, "cuntlicking ":1, cunts:1, cyalis:1, cyberfuc:1, "cyberfuck ":1, "cyberfucked ":1, cyberfucker:1, cyberfuckers:1, "cyberfucking ":1, d1ck:1, damn:1, dick:1, dickhead:1, dildo:1, dildos:1, dink:1, dinks:1, dirsa:1, dlck:1, "dog-fucker":1, doggin:1, dogging:1, donkeyribber:1, doosh:1, duche:1, dyke:1, ejaculate:1, ejaculated:1, "ejaculates ":1, "ejaculating ":1, ejaculatings:1, ejaculation:1, ejakulate:1, "f u c k":1, "f u c k e r":1, f4nny:1, fag:1, fagging:1, faggitt:1, faggot:1, faggs:1, fagot:1, fagots:1, fags:1, fanny:1, fannyflaps:1, fannyfucker:1, fanyy:1, fatass:1, fcuk:1, fcuker:1, fcuking:1, feck:1, fecker:1, felching:1, fellate:1, fellatio:1, "fingerfuck ":1, "fingerfucked ":1, "fingerfucker ":1, fingerfuckers:1, "fingerfucking ":1, "fingerfucks ":1, fistfuck:1, "fistfucked ":1, "fistfucker ":1, "fistfuckers ":1, "fistfucking ":1, "fistfuckings ":1, "fistfucks ":1, flange:1, fook:1, fooker:1, fuck:1, fucka:1, fucked:1, fucker:1, fuckers:1, fuckhead:1, fuckheads:1, fuckin:1, fucking:1, fuckings:1, fuckingshitmotherfucker:1, "fuckme ":1, fucks:1, fuckwhit:1, fuckwit:1, "fudge packer":1, fudgepacker:1, fuk:1, fuker:1, fukker:1, fukkin:1, fuks:1, fukwhit:1, fukwit:1, fux:1, fux0r:1, f_u_c_k:1, gangbang:1, "gangbanged ":1, "gangbangs ":1, gaylord:1, gaysex:1, goatse:1, God:1, "god-dam":1, "god-damned":1, goddamn:1, goddamned:1, "hardcoresex ":1, hell:1, heshe:1, hoar:1, hoare:1, hoer:1, homo:1, hore:1, horniest:1, horny:1, hotsex:1, "jack-off ":1, jackoff:1, jap:1, "jerk-off ":1, jism:1, "jiz ":1, "jizm ":1, jizz:1, kawk:1, knob:1, knobead:1, knobed:1, knobend:1, knobhead:1, knobjocky:1, knobjokey:1, kock:1, kondum:1, kondums:1, kum:1, kummer:1, kumming:1, kums:1, kunilingus:1, "l3i+ch":1, l3itch:1, labia:1, lmfao:1, lust:1, lusting:1, m0f0:1, m0fo:1, m45terbate:1, ma5terb8:1, ma5terbate:1, masochist:1, "master-bate":1, masterb8:1, "masterbat*":1, masterbat3:1, masterbate:1, masterbation:1, masterbations:1, masturbate:1, "mo-fo":1, mof0:1, mofo:1, mothafuck:1, mothafucka:1, mothafuckas:1, mothafuckaz:1, "mothafucked ":1, mothafucker:1, mothafuckers:1, mothafuckin:1, "mothafucking ":1, mothafuckings:1, mothafucks:1, "mother fucker":1, motherfuck:1, motherfucked:1, motherfucker:1, motherfuckers:1, motherfuckin:1, motherfucking:1, motherfuckings:1, motherfuckka:1, motherfucks:1, muff:1, mutha:1, muthafecker:1, muthafuckker:1, muther:1, mutherfucker:1, n1gga:1, n1gger:1, nazi:1, nigg3r:1, nigg4h:1, nigga:1, niggah:1, niggas:1, niggaz:1, nigger:1, "niggers ":1, nob:1, "nob jokey":1, nobhead:1, nobjocky:1, nobjokey:1, numbnuts:1, nutsack:1, "orgasim ":1, "orgasims ":1, orgasm:1, "orgasms ":1, p0rn:1, pawn:1, pecker:1, penis:1, penisfucker:1, phonesex:1, phuck:1, phuk:1, phuked:1, phuking:1, phukked:1, phukking:1, phuks:1, phuq:1, pigfucker:1, pimpis:1, piss:1, pissed:1, pisser:1, pissers:1, "pisses ":1, pissflaps:1, "pissin ":1, pissing:1, "pissoff ":1, poop:1, porn:1, porno:1, pornography:1, pornos:1, prick:1, "pricks ":1, pron:1, pube:1, pusse:1, pussi:1, pussies:1, pussy:1, "pussys ":1, rectum:1, retard:1, rimjaw:1, rimming:1, "s hit":1, "s.o.b.":1, sadist:1, schlong:1, screwing:1, scroat:1, scrote:1, scrotum:1, semen:1, sex:1, "sh!+":1, "sh!t":1, sh1t:1, shag:1, shagger:1, shaggin:1, shagging:1, shemale:1, "shi+":1, shit:1, shitdick:1, shite:1, shited:1, shitey:1, shitfuck:1, shitfull:1, shithead:1, shiting:1, shitings:1, shits:1, shitted:1, shitter:1, "shitters ":1, shitting:1, shittings:1, "shitty ":1, skank:1, slut:1, sluts:1, smegma:1, smut:1, snatch:1, "son-of-a-bitch":1, spac:1, spunk:1, s_h_i_t:1, t1tt1e5:1, t1tties:1, teets:1, teez:1, testical:1, testicle:1, tit:1, titfuck:1, tits:1, titt:1, tittie5:1, tittiefucker:1, titties:1, tittyfuck:1, tittywank:1, titwank:1, tosser:1, turd:1, tw4t:1, twat:1, twathead:1, twatty:1, twunt:1, twunter:1, v14gra:1, v1gra:1, vagina:1, viagra:1, vulva:1, w00se:1, wang:1, wank:1, wanker:1, wanky:1, whoar:1, whore:1, willies:1, willy:1, xrated:1, xxx:1

Ugh, even f**kingshitmotherf**ker is banned! Aside from the awful slurs, a lot of fun stuff is on that list! All of my loves are precluded. I give up. Pigf**kers. I mean, kittens. [via Jamie Wilkinson]

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