3D Harry Potter Glasses Don't Make 3D Glasses Cool

Those lucky enough to attend the Sydney premiere of the final Harry Potter movie (like the girls at PopSugar) were treated to an unexpected little trinket: these fun 3D Harry Potter glasses. And this got me thinking…what movies with iconic glasses would be fun to re-watch again in the cinema? Robocop? Star Trek? Top Gun?

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Obviously there's some serious suspension of disbelief required here: movies that aren't shot natively in 3D suck at 3D. Alice in Wonderland, anyone? And I long for the day when we don't even need 3D glasses.

Until then, I'd be down to watch Terminator 5 with cool 3D glasses fashioned like those Arnie had in T2. As long as the former Governator gets around to making it instead of Westerns (and siring love children).

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