33% Of You Are Filthy Mobile Phone Toilet Surfers

We're gross, socially awkward, and bad drivers. That's the gist of Testra's 2011 annual smartphone survey. Men are more likely to "throne surf", 40% of us have busted out our phones at a social event (with 12% just pretending to use it), and most alarming, 17% of motorists admit to surfing the net while driving.

Even worse, 1% of drivers said they do so regularly. Hands up if you're a one percenter. Hmm, that one's actually not funny. Anywho...

The research also confirmed the increasingly obvious: 56% of us have used a smartphone in bed (up from 51% last year), and Android popularity is booming (24% of those who responded now use a device powered by Google).

On the whole, smartphones are well on the way to replacing PCs as our preferred internet access device. Though Android and iPhone fans are almost twice as likely to own a tablet of some description. See? Stats can be fun, now back to work. [Telstra / Sensis]

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