1 In 5 University Students Have Never Sexted In Their Sad Lives

Apparently, university students are filled with raging hormones and a desire to put their genitals together! And it's being facilitated by mobile phones! But are you in the pitiable minority who doesn't get OMG IM HORNY texts? Tsk tsk.

This cultural shocker, courtesy of the University of Rhode Island, says that:

6 percent of the students had received sexually suggestive images, and 78 percent had received sexually suggestive messages. Two-thirds of the group had sent sexually suggestive messages. While most of the messages (73 percent) were sent to a relationship partner, 10 percent were sent without consent of the person who originally sent the message.

While sexting is apparently running rampant across institutions of higher learning, distracting students from their abacuses and tomes of Virgil, the study leaves 'sexting' a pretty vague concept. "Sexually suggestive" can mean many, many things. Is it a dong shot? Is it a "Hey, come over and spoon me" text? We're not sure. Nobody's sure! But if we're going to describe something vaguely pejorative and scandalous as so endemic, we better make up our minds as to what the hell it really is. [via Science Daily]

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