YouTube LeanBack, ABC iView Coming To Fetch TV

Fetch TV users are set to get some pretty awesome improvements over the next couple of months, with the IPTV Pay TV service set to be one of the first services in the world to offer YouTube Leanback to the TV.

While Leanback has been available as a beta for almost 12 months now, it's on the verge of hitting the primetime, and FetchTV will be offering the service through its range of IPTV PVRs as a free option. Having checked it out today, I can happily attest to HD content from YouTube looking amazing on a big screen, while the navigation is intuitive. The only downside is using the remote to search on an on-screen keyboard, but upcoming iOS and Android apps will offer a better UI for that.

Also arriving in the near future is ABC iView, which is made possible thanks to the ABC encoding iView in H.264 for the iPad. The FetchTV's webkit browser will deliver the content seamlessly.

With more and more ISPs signing up with FetchTV to be the IPTV solution of choice, the service is looking better and better all the time. These additions are going to make it tough to compete with.

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    'cept Node still haven't responded to tell me whether the full package works on the NBN which I'll be connected to in two months =/

    Internode most certainly will be offering fetch services over the NBN environment. Implementing multicast over the NBN is a fairly meaty undertaking and we're working with the NBN folks to deliver a stable and effective multicast delivery service.

    Aside from letting you know "we're workin' on it" we can't provide an exact launch date for Fetch via the NBN just yet.

    Loving FetchTV i must say, cheap as chips and no issues whatsoever. definitly a great price compared to Foxtel. :)

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