Would You Really Trust A Cardboard Bike Helmet?

According to the designers, this Kranium bike helmet absorbs impact four times more than the usual helmets comprised of polystyrene. I still don't think I'd like to put my life in the hands of frozen chip boxes, though.

Kranium scans each customer's head and makes the helmets to order - an easy job to do, given the nature of cardboard. An acrylic lick has been applied to the top of the cardboard, for both aesthetic and waterproofing reasons. You definitely wouldn't want your helmet disintegrating after a ride in a downpour, would you?

While you still can't buy Anirudha Rao's Kranium helmets just yet, the design has apparently been licensed by manufacturers already, so you may be seeing cyclists on the street donning cardboard noggin-protectors before you know it. [Anirudha Rao via Wired via Inhabitat]

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