World's Fastest SDXC Card Still Can't Compete With Compact Flash

Delkin's new 64GB SD card may well be the "fastest SDXC card in the world" and with respective read/write speeds of 95MBps and 45MBps, it's not hard to believe. But at $US540, who's it for?

$US540 is definitely a pro-level price point but as it stands, SD cards are relegated mostly to consumer-level products. All pro-level cameras still rely on Compact Flash for their primary storage needs. It's easy to see why considering it's both cheaper and faster. For reference a 64GB Transcend CF card with 90MBps read and 60MBps write costs just $US190 at most online retailers.

That being said, this could easily change as more cards like this come to market. For example, the semi-pro Nikon D300s has a secondary SD slot in addition to its primary CF slot. As technology continues to evolve towards smaller, faster devices, it makes sense for SD to supplant the chunky CF format someday in the near future but that time has yet to come. For the time being, we can all just laugh at the sucker who spends $US540 on an SD card he can't even take advantage of. [Engadget]

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