Watch Two Guys Run Wild In An Empty Airport

Stranded overnight at the Dallas Fort-Worth airport, photographer Joe Ayala and his buddy videotaped themselves causing mischief and mayhem in the terminal that became their home for the night. How is this possible in the TSA era? Watch this amazing video and find out.

Planking an escalator. Racing wheelchairs across the terminal. Beatboxing the gate mic. Pouring yourself a beer at an empty restaurant! As far as we know doing any one of these things would normally get you tased, bro.

Yet, in none of these videos is there the hint of supervision. No police. No TSA. No security. Nobody except for one dude with a vacuum. After hours DFW is like the "Home Alone" of airports.

I'm stunned they got away with it and so is security.

This may be the last time anyone has fun in airport.

Republished from Jalopnik


    These guys have balls, I thought it was funny :)

    haha That's awesome. I want to that "laying down on the escalator belts" thing, looks fun.

    I call BS. They clearly didn't film this by themselves, there had to be a third person to take many of those shots.

      I'd imagine the third person was a tripod. When there's no one around I'd imagine its safe to just leave your camera out recording while you entertain yourself :)

    I think this is a virul video from Canon EOS.

    In the kitchen scence he has an EOS poster hanging out of his backpack, seems like an odd thing to bring to an airport muck up night.

    Otherwise it is filmed very well!

    If you people thin this is fake go to

    They both are pro photographers that were on the way back from a drift event in florida. they show how they took the video Larry does great work.

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