Turntable.fm Blocked In Australia

Oh Turntable.fm, how we hardly knew ye. In less than a month, the beta service letting you play, chat about and discover more of your favourite music has become a fast favourite of the internets (and us here at Giz and Lifehacker); but now the gig is up. All non-U.S. users have been locked out due to ‘licensing constraints’.

For the moment, visiting turntable.fm from Australia now presents you with the following message:

We're very sorry, but while we would love to let you in and rock out with us, we need to currently restrict turntable access to only the United States due to licensing constraints.

We are working very hard to try and get you in as soon as possible.

If you believe this is a mistake and you are located in the United States, please e-mail help [at sign]turntable dot fm

Again, sorry, and we hope to see you soon.

Billy Chasen CEO

*cough* Thankfully, there's such a thing as a VPN *cough* [Turntable.fm]



    That sucks, When will the Licence Party Poopers get with the 21st century. Yep back to the VPN Batman.

      Yeah it's beyond the point of being purile corporate shit-head-ism.

      Even happens on Youtube;

      "How to dig a hole in the ground"....

      "Fry a steak in a frypan".....

      "Do a wee on a tree"....

      "Sorry due to copyright restrictions, this video cannot be viewed in your location".

      I never had any respect for copyright, regional restrictions or DRM.....

      It was mainly because of the fucking crap that went along with it, and the iron fisted arseholes and idiots that tried to enforce it.

      "Ooooo RIP a CD and play it on your computer AND your MP3 player - Ooooo NO you don't".

    You can always still access it through a proxy or similar. Maybe do a story on how to circumvent this issue?

      If it's anything like Pandora, you can't use it from your phone period because you can't hide a phone's 3G (non-US) location.

      Shit like this pisses me off. We don't get Hulu, Netflix streaming, Pandora, Amazon Kindle book loaning and have to go through hoops like this. Is the Australian licensing board that much of a shitheap that even the extremely litigious American system allows these?

    Who gives a shit...use a US proxy....

    Aww. Doubt we'll be seeing it for a long time :(

    wot the heck is a proxy

    And they wonder why music piracy is rampant. What a pack of wankers.

    I dont see anything wrong with this site, No download button just upload only, I wonder how much copyright material are on there servers see you in court...

    VPN works a treat on iPhone and iPad......

    yet another fail gizmodo article. It's not "blocked in Australia", they are blocking non-US IPs like most other services.

    Nice beat up failmodo.

      Err... From up-front before the jump: "All non-U.S. users have been locked out due to ‘licensing constraints’." I put Australia in the title, as you know, this is Gizmodo AU. Sorry for the confusion.

    Pandora has had the same problem for years.

    I got onto Pandora when it first started, but not long after, it stopped being usable outside the US, "due to licensing restrictions" or some such rubbish.

    Once again - the suits rule...!

    What is with this stupid licensing stuff. It stops us Australians getting things when the Americans do. This needs to change. Get with the 21st century! Talk about utter ridiculousness.

    Use a proxy or VPN, problem FIXED

    Not suprised at this-have you heard if they are working out licensing for Australia?

    My guess they let non-U.S. users in for a short while, then realised the licensing agreements only covered the U.S, so they had to block non-U.S. users.

    I think americans think that the only country in the wold is north america..

    How hard would it be for Turntable to work out Australian licenses for the music that is on there?

    I've had difficulty using a proxy specifically for Turntable. Tips?

    I’m using http://www.UnoTelly.com to get around the block for turntable.fm

    It’s free and also supports Spotify, Netflix and other USA-only services. I’m so tired of record companies blocking everyone else outside USA. When I went to Europe, Spotify is so huge!

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